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Ultrabone (Ultrasound Easy Bone Surgery)

Ultrabone (Ultrasonic Easy Bone Surgery )

In Plastic Surgery

- Medical - Maxillo-facial Surgery,

- Nose Plasty

- Square Jaw

- Other Plastic Surgery


In Orthopedics

- Bone surgery for hands, feet and spine.


What is Ultrabone ?
- Minimal invasive Ultrasonic Piezo bone surgery system in replace of previous electronic saw
  for facial Plastic Surgery.or Orthopedic surgery.
- No risk of touching nerve or soft tissue during surgery with the peculiarity of Ultrasound which
  only respond to ​bone.
- Low downtime with Minimum surgery.- Simple and quick operation without touching soft tissues.
- Delicate surgery with small tips on handpiece makes quick recovery than electric saw surgery.

The features of Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery 

- Ultrasonic Minute vibration is delivered to Hard Tissues only. No response to soft tissues. Therefore, minimum damage to soft tissues.

- Minimum pressure is applied to bone and fast osseous (bone) integration.

- Minimum bleeding and minimum pain by Ultrasound.

- Precise and clean Bone Cutting

- With the high pressured saline and ultrasound, eyesight of surgery areas are clear and low 

  bone  damage.

 Zygoma Reduction, Zygomatic arch Surgery

- No need to open mouth but through front of ear

- 20 minutes of one side of Zygoma Bone   Surgery, total 40 min. for both side.

- About 1cm incision for zygoma reduction

- Just small taping after surgery.- Can do daily life right after surgery



- Applicable to the aquiline nose bone polishing

- Offering useful & effecive surgical treatment without damage

- No cutting of skin but closed operation

- Operation time within 30 minutes.

- Perfect ideal solution for rhinoplasty 


- No need to open mouth but through back of ear for square jaw.

Applied to the secondary bone cutting of chin- Minimize bleeding during narrow bone cutting

- Applicable to the sensitive and dangerous area in bone cutting

- Protective effect to the nerve and vessel damage 

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